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Are you tired of smiling with crooked teeth? Is it hurting your self esteem? Are you afraid to laugh your heart out in public?
Orthodontics comes to your rescue. A Speciality branch of dentistry, that deals with the straightening of teeth and providing a harmonious occlusion (Bite). It ultimately results in an improved smile, speech and dental health. With technological advances, orthodontics today offers your varied modalities to suit your needs. Take a look.


Dental Implants may be used to replace one or more missing teeth. In case of completely edentulous patients, implants may be used to fix the dentures to the underlying bone. Alternately, implants may be used to provide fixed teeth to edentulous patients without the use of dentures.


Metal braces are the conventional and time tested method of straightening your teeth. Despite their reputation for making people look unaesthetic during treatment with it, metal braces are both effective and affordable.
Treatment time depends upon the age during which the treatment was initiated and the complexity of the situation. After thorough evaluation with x rays and study models, the specialist (Orthodontist) will plan the treatment and prescribe the necessary interventions.
Metallic braces, through the years, have undergone major changes in design. They have become smaller in size and have shed the unwanted elastics that according to recent research are a hindrance to treatment progress. This Self Ligating form of metallic braces makes treatment time a lot shorter and brings about favourable results. What is more is that they are hygienic and user friendly.
Speak to us for more info on the various options available with Metal braces.


Lingual actually means “tongue”. Lingual braces is the technique where the braces are placed on the inner surfaces of the teeth (Close to the tongue).
This technique is more aesthetic in that the metal braces are actually not visible when you smile or talk. Employed to correct complex situations, it is as challenging to the dentist as it is effective. Patients find it difficult to speak with it in the first few weeks or its installation but eventually get habituated to its presence. It is also more difficult to clean and maintain.
Lingual orthodontics is a little more expensive than the conventional treatment, as it demands greater skill of the specialist for those trickier adjustments, takes longer chair-side time at every appointment and its appliances are costlier.
Lingual orthodontics, however is an effective treatment alternative to the conventional treatment modalities if you are concerned about having a metallic smile.
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