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Digital Smile Design

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Digital Smile Design

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

DSD is the most advanced and latest concept of digital dentistry. The technology is based on the analysis of the patients’ dental proportions. A series of digital photos and videos are taken to study the patients’ face. The smile is then designed uniquely to best suit the face. Before the start of the treatment, the patient approves and agrees with the design. DSD is one of the newest faces of dentistry helping individuals to live with self-esteem in a very judgmental society.

Mock-up procedures are performed before starting the procedure.

Dr. Apurv Mehrotra is the inventor of the Digital Smile Design. is ceramist and instructor hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has many renowned international publications on aesthetic dentistry, dental ceramics and implants and oral rehabilitation.

Goals of DSD

  1. Smile design: Improving the design of the smile with equal participation from the patient
  2. Communication protocol: Developing an association with the patient and other specialists to create the best possible design
  3. Emotional dentistry: Perceptional value of the treatment is enhanced once a favorable consequence is presented thus upgrading patient value
  4. Technological integration: Using the latest technological advancements available to provide efficient clinical results

Features of the software

The salient features of the software are its measurement tools, design tools, simulation, CAD/CAM software, exporting images in jpg, jpeg, tiff, bmp, gif and png formats, printing designs, importing images and the availability of the software in several different languages besides English. The images can be aligned and calibrated. There are embedded tooth templates in the software that are available in different sizes and shapes. Automatic ratio and measurement calculations with adjustable colour and texture of the tooth are also available.

Benefits of the DSD

DSD is beneficial for both patients and dentists. Patients get an opportunity to get involved in designing their own smile. The expectations can be visualized before proceeding with the treatment. They can play an essential part in the planning of the treatment. For dentists, it is a tool to show the patients a preview of their smile and can explain the several other smile options that can be made available. This way a patient’s realistic expectations can be established. With DSD the dentists can communicate effectively with the dental labs for the planned smile. Due to the various image export and import features of the software, the dental lab is able to visualize the end product better to provide the best possible results.

At Dentistree Dental Hospital Lucknow

Dr.Apurv Mehrotra is a qualified DSD trainer. She creates smile simulations and presentations along with treatment plans best suited for the patient. Dentistree Dental Hospital allows patients enough time to prepare, evaluate and design their smile. As a collaborative effort, the clinic gives patients of DSD a chance to visually select their smiles simultaneously providing cost-effective solutions for them.

There are very few qualified trainers on Digital Smile Design across the globe and Dr. Ramya from Dentistree Dental Hospital, Lucknow is one of them. She is a qualified practitioner in laser dentistry and holds the prowess to resolve complex oral cases effectively.

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