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Best dental clinic in Lucknow

Our dental facility is equipped with the latest in dental technologies to ensure your Dentistree Dental Hospital are long-lasting and your procedures are pain-free and comfortable.


  • Independent up & down movement & backrest movement of the chair which can be adjusted by the doctor as per his convenience
  • Double articulated headrest for handicapped & pediatric patients
  • Removable dentist’s& patient’s feet system
  • Automatic right arm rotatable at auto return to zero, for easy entry and exit of the patient
  • 7 programs in the chair… 4 programmable working positions, others are spitting, last working position & auto return to zero
  • With synchronised movement of back & seat
  • Chair with anticrushing & movement locking system
  • Soft comfort massage system for seat,back or both simultaneously
  • Integrated bio-system for disinfection of handpiece tubings internally after every treatment
  • Doctor’s stool with adjustable backrest tilt & height adjustable, foot ring for attaining a correct working posture by the dentist especially during long dental treatment
  • Doctor’s stool with adjustable backrest tilt & height adjustable foot ring for attaining a correct working posture by the dentist especially during long dental treatment
  • 3 axis movement of Cold & White 5 LED touchfree sensor light (35000 Lux) with variable intensity
  • Removable & autoclavable handles for dental light head


Best dental clinic in Lucknow


Best dental clinic in Lucknow

General Anesthesia facility to rehabilitate full mouth dental procedures in a single visit using advanced dental equipment.
Comprehensive Pediatric Dental Care, including treatment under sedation or general anesthesia. You can provide specialized treatment care for children by relieving them from the fear of surgery through a pleasant stay with excellent service in our patient wards
All advanced or lengthy implant procedures can easily be handled, as our support staff of nurses and theatre technicians are well-trained and experienced If required, we also have a team of consultants who can assist in various stages as well as excellent lab support all within the same complex !


Best dental clinic in Lucknow

“The emergencies could knock your door anytime and the patient might require certain medications that you may not normally keep in your inventory. We can help you with these emergency medications needs via our In-house pharmacy facilities. Dentistree dental Hospital keeps in stock all the prescription drugs necessary for your patient’s care, offering the manufacturer’s backed quality and expertise.

We keep in stock all the medications from routinely to special medications. Our In-House pharmacy is well stocked with a multitude of medications that will offer your family member the best possible health care and treatment. Keeping our pharmacy open also ensures that you always have a quick access to most effective medications in the market for your family member.


Best dental clinic in Lucknow

Modern technology has changed the way we take dental x-rays at Dentistree dental Hospital. Advanced Digital radiology technology allows us to use computerized sensors rather than film to capture images of your teeth in order to reduce the amount of radiation exposed.
The intraoral camera is an excellent visual tool that allows the patient to see exactly what the dentist sees in their mouths. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this revolutionary diagnostic dental instrument eliminates any confusion between doctor and patient when communicating treatment options. Capturing images with the intraoral camera is painless and there is no radiation exposure risk as visible light is used to generate the photographs.


Best dental clinic in Lucknow

Dental emergencies can be extremely serious and require immediate treatment. Dentistree dental Hospital accommodates and treats emergency situations like serious dental infections, facial traumas, broken teeth, accidents and violent attacks as high-priority cases. Please call us at 09912849515 for fixing an appointment with our specialist for immediate attention and care. With an in-house Pediatric Hospital facilities in addition to round the clock 24/7 Ambulance services we stand tall and leading in emergency services of the region.


Best dental clinic in Lucknow

At Oral Dentistree dental Hospital, we use high end dental equipment for a more productive and efficient dental care. Each of our clinic branches are fully equipped with three dental chairs which are all operating daily to give simultaneous treatments for the whole family.
We use a high heat autoclave and other sterilized systems for a cross-infection control program. Water-filtered system is being used in all dental operations.
Newly acquired dental equipment for better performance such as: wireless light cure, illuminating dental mirror, vacuum machine for take home bleaching, digital x-ray machine, AIRFLOW treatment, dental implant machine, and teeth whitening machine.
High standard products are being used especially for aesthetic dentistry including all other treatments and services we provide, in order to attain the best possible results.


Best dental clinic in Lucknow

As we take pride in our dentistry, we want our patients’ visits as pleasant as possible.
We provide high-end dental facilities for a more productive and efficient dental care.
We provide a more spacious and relaxing lounge yet entertaining for the whole family. Latest magazines are available for good readers as well as patient educational materials such as brochures.
We employ safety measures to ensure the delivery of best quality and safe treatment.

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